Project communication done right has major impact
on sales, time, budget and results.

Niels Hoogendoorn - Founder of WorkflowTube

Improve your sales performance
by 50%

Improve your pitch success & sales conversion.
Create beautiful, actionable, feasible plans that people believe in.

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Start! - Kickoff

Get everybody on the same track. Inspire.

Early January


Noah Smith

The fastest way to get tons of ideas. Diversify.

Final preparations

Test product-market fit in the wild

Elizabeth White
Sophia Williams

What do we need to know to make the right decisions? Learn.

Scenario A
Scenario B
Scenario C
launch window

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Build, Measure, Learn

Add launch date!

Celebrate a job well done


We celebrate success together.


Noah Smith
Buy drinks
Send invites
Show up
Take photos
competitor launch

Stop budget waste

Projects that have a clear path to a common objective are more likely to stay within budget. Stop wasting your - and your clients - money by 30-80%!

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Align expectations

Teams, clients, stakeholders, every person has their own set of expectations that can get in the way of a common goal. Prevent drifting expectations!

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Onboard clients

Your clients know way more about their business than you do. Getting them on board will save time, build trust and ensure better outcomes!

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Save 2 hours every day for each team member that is aligned properly.

Teams are more effective when they know what to do and why.
Improve daily standups, prepare effective team meetings and facilitate learning sessions that stick!

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What did you do yesterday?

Elizabeth White
Write invitations text
Discuss with team & finalize
Noah Smith
Prepare event agenda
Finish briefing for speakers
Meeting with host
Sophia Williams
Meeting with suppliers
Create checklists & runthrough documents

What will you do today?

Elizabeth White
Send out invitations for event
Noah Smith
Print labels with contacts & addresses
Contact all speakers with briefing
Test solution for remote presenting
Finish briefing for speakers (from yesterday)
Sophia Williams
Finish checklists
Check quote from venue

Are there any blockers or impediments preventing you from doing your work?

Elizabeth White
I need the final list of contacts & addresses from Noah
Noah Smith
Might need help! Too much to do today.
Sophia Williams

Create beautiful presentations that get people on board

Every story needs a clear storyline. Talking about plans, roadmaps, procedures, proposals or anything else to get from A to B is a hard thing to in a spreadsheet or Powerpoint.

Create beautiful, actionable plans.
Always have your deck ready for every audience.

Tell your story with blocks

WorkflowTube is a block editor. There are a growing number of blocks to visualize every part of your story. Add videos, create galleries, introduce teams, assign people to tasks, the editor puts you in the drivers seat.

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Organize your work

Drive makes it easy for everyone in your organization to get organized, share and learn from others.

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Share in style

Share your workflows organization-wide and with clients.
Get everybody on board with Drive. Sharing made easy and beautiful.

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