What happens when we apply visual thinking
to sales and project communication?

WorkflowTube is made by Wedesignthinking,
a dutch consultancy firm run by Niels Hoogendoorn.

Why we needed WorkflowTube

We needed an intuitive way to talk about projects with clients without getting lost in translation. A solution that worked in every project stage for every stakeholder. Visualising plans and project stages helped us align expectations and goals within teams, get clients on board with crazy plans and turn crazy plans into feasible realistic projects.

After lots of visualising, testing and pitching to clients we realized that projects, processes and workflows can be easily created and communicated by using the metaphor of railway and subway systems.

A simple metaphor to talk about projects

We discovered this subway metaphor literally worked in every step. From explaining how to get people 'on board' at the right times (or: stations), how to onboard people that just hopped on, moving towards a common goal or destination, when to work underground or launch out in the open...

Turning projects into a lively picture everybody understands really helped getting to destinations in time and within budget.

So what's the strategy?

WorkflowTube is made by Wedesignthinking. That means WorkflowTube is part of the Wedesignthinking business model. We use WorkflowTube ourselves and with our network of consultants, trainers, coaches and other professionals.

Sharing WorkflowTube not only boosts our own activities. It also gives us the opportunity to learn how workflow visualisation impacts teams on a larger scale.

Why we share our 'trick' with you!

That's simple. Instead of keeping every trick to ourselves and applying it small scale, we believe sharing results in more impact.

We believe every team eventually runs into similar problems and opportunities we - as a consultancy and human beings - face. We also believe WorkflowTube is an amazing tool to align teams, save money, improve communication, boost sales and align expectations with clients. By turning WorkflowTube into a platform we can impact every organization. Something we could never have done without sharing. Nice, right?