Project & team onboarding

Pitch better projects that deliver
on time, within budget!

Stop talking about project management. The reason why most projects fail (or don't even start) is communication. A true blind spot.

WorkflowTube enables you to visualise and talk about project plans in minutes. Pitch and pivot ideas more effectively and get the people on board to make your plan a success. On time, within budget.

Ready to move your projects forward?

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Why should you care?

WorkflowTube and project communication done right can have major impact on sales, time, budget and results.

In fact, according to research you might be doing half the sales and projects in double the time while spending twice as much as needed.

That's like having someone apply bandages to all your team mates, only allowing them to use 1 arm and half their brain. And you still have to pay for maintaining all the bandages. Every day.

Stop the 30%* of your business that is now being wasted.

Improved sales performance

Improve your pitch success & sales conversion.

People tend to say yes to proposals they can understand.

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2 hours

Time saved

Time you can save every day for each team member that is aligned properly.

Teams are more effective when they know what to do and why.

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Budget not wasted

Projects that have a clear path to a common objective are more likely to stay within budget.

Stop wasting your - and your clients - money.

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Aligned expectations

Teams, clients, stakeholders, every person has their own set of expectations that can get in the way of a common goal.

Prevent drifting expectations.

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